“An angel of song”. She reaches into her soul and pulls out pure joy and truth.  She reaches for your heart like an eager lover.  The energy of Lomax’s voice breaks boundaries  and lifts spirits. From the producers of, “Put Obama In The White House”.

LIZ LOMAX first gained the notice of the Los Angeles Times, naming her performance in Bruce Bonafede’s “Advice to the Players” as,“transformative and magical”.  The Los Angeles Weekly reviews notes her work as, “a sharp performance”. She infused a palpable realism to the role of Josephine Baker in the hit musical, “Sang Sista Sang”, produced by Smokey Robinson and “single handedly lights up the stage and runs away with the show”, according to the producers at Alpine Pictures in Frank Mohr’s comedy, “Big Baby”.

She also landed guest starring roles on hit TV shows such as Star Trek (Voyager) and Grey’s Anatomy, but still the music called to her.

So in 2005, Liz became a regular at the “World Stage” in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles.  She studied with Dini Clarke who’d played with The Count Basie band. LIZ LOMAX’s  theatrical manager was looking for talent that had been part of Motown Records.  She immediately went to see her friend Lonny Stevens, who had directed her in musicals along with his brother songwriter, Mickey Stevenson (Dancing In The Streets; Stubborn kind Of Fellow).  That conversation led to Liz booking singers, musicians and comics at Lonny’s club, The CAP Theater weekly.  She also produced a music documentary highlighting the power of music. Liz approached the great multi-reedest, Bennie Maupin with her four song demo about singing with a Big Band (The Ikeda Kings Orchestra).  She’s been singing with them since 2009.

She wanted more, so she created her own Big Band, “The Boppin Institute” which performed regularly at The House Of Music and Entertainment. LIZ LOMAX has recently completed her first 12 song album, entitled, “Believe” where she enjoyed writing as well as producing covers. She continues to write, perform and collaborate with outstanding artists.

“The fabulous voice of Liz Lomax, singing her own original songs for world peace, will be heard and enjoyed by future generations of listeners worldwide well into the 21stcentury and beyond”. Conductor, Multi-reedist, Bennie Maupin.